Men's Triad Group

A Man's Triad Group will consist of three men, who will agree to meet,
preferably two times a month, day and time, to be decided by each group.
The group should meet 60-90 minutes and will discuss scripture, pray and talk about
their spiritual well being.

The Bible that one of the triads is used is the Today's
New International Version, TNIV. The Bible is written without chapters or verses
but told in a story form. The books do not follow in the traditional way as we are
used to. They are grouped together. For example, since Luke and Acts are two
volumes of a single work, they should be read together.

Another Triad covered the complete Heidelberg Catachism.  Then they used a study guide in
the book of Revelations and another study guide in the book of Romans.
If you are interested in starting a Triad with 2 other men.  contact Cal Vork and you
can get details.    Format is up to each group.   All we ask is that you try to spend time on 3
things each time you meet.      1)   Study of the Word in what ever format you like, 2) Prayer
for each other and the world around us, 3) Discussion around any spiritual issues in your
lives or other concerns and burdens you want to share.     All discussion in a Triad is
confidential unless specifically requested to be shared outside the group.