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At Spring Lake Christian Reformed Church, we exist to help people of all ages develop authentic relationships with Jesus Christ.


Our belief statements come from the Holy Bible, which we believe to be the infallible Word of God, written by man who was inspired by the Holy Spirit. Our beliefs are also summarized ad expressed in the Apostles' Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed, as well as in the three confessions which we affirm: the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism, and the Canons of Dort.

The Following Statements provide a detailed description of our specific beliefs:

  • We believe the Holy Bible to be the infallible, authoritative Word of God, written by man who was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

  • We believe in the Triune God, three equal and divine Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • We believe that God created the world and everything in it. We believe he created mankind, male and female, in his own image, free of sin. However, mankind disobeyed God and rebelled against him, allowing sin to enter the world. Sin and death have become an anchor on mankind and creation.

  • We believe that Jesus Christ, being both full God and fully man, came to earth to be our substitute. We believe that he submitted to death on a cross and that he conquered death when God raised him from the dead. Christ's death on the cross was the sole and complete payment for all sins and those who choose to turn from sin, repent, and place their faith in Christ.

  • We believe the Holy Spirit lives within us, acting as a guide to sanctify, instruct, comfort, empower, and draw us closer to Christ-like living and service. 

  • We believe that our Lord Jesus Christ will return to this earth, and we expectantly await that day when all suffering and evil will be eradicated and creation will be fully restored. Our bodies will be resurrected to participate in an eternal presence of joy and worship with our Creator and King.

  • We believe that the Lord's Supper is a commemoration by believers of Christ's death until He comes again. Celebration of the Lord's Supper should be preceded by careful self-examination by professing members of a Bible-believing church.

  • We believe in infant baptism. As surely as water washes away dirt from the body, so Christ's blood and his Spirit wash away all our sins. Infants as well as children, are promised the forgiveness of sin, and by baptism are received into the Christian church. 

  • We believe God creates each person as male or female. These two genders complement each other and reflect the image and nature of God. To reject one's biological sex is a rejection of the image of God within that person.

  • We believe marriage is an institution created by God between one man and one women.

  • We believe as image bearers of God, all life is uniquely valuable. This includes a human at any stage of life, from conception to point of natural death. Destruction of human life is contrary to God's will. 

140 Years of Worship in Spring Lake

A Long History...

1880's -

1882 – Organization of church. Building started. Parsonage purchased. Catechism classes begun.

1883 – P. Ekster becomes our first pastor.

1894 – Sullivan Church formed from our church.

1897 – Corner lot to the north of the church purchased.

1900's - 

1902 – First organ purchased.

1903 – First services in English.

1904 – Coal furnace installed under the church.

1905 – Sunday School begins.

1910 – Present parsonage built. First Sunday School picnic.

1911 – Gas lights replace oil lamps in church.

1915 – Women’s Society organized at Ferrysburg.

1917 – Two English services per month. 

1919 – Church wired for electricity and electric lights installed.

1920 – New organ acquired. Entrance of church remodeled.

1925 – Basement built under church, providing new consistory room, kitchen and Sunday School rooms.

1928 – First group of our children attend the Grand Haven Christian School.

1936 – Printed bulletins used in place of verbal announcements.

1937 – Name changed to Spring Lake Christian Reformed Church. Individual communion cups first used at communion service.

1942 – Organ rebuilt and electrified.

1948 – Last regular service in Dutch.

1949 – Spring Lake Christian School Society merges with Grand Haven’s.

1953 – Ferrysburg Church organized out of our membership.

1956 – Property on Lake Avenue and Fall Street acquired as building site for new church.

1958 – Congregation approved minimum cost of new church building to be $110,000.00.

1959 – Calvinist Cadet Corp program was started.

1960 – Plans for new church building were accepted and financing approved.

1961 – Ground was broken for new church building.

1962 – Farewell to old church and dedication of new sanctuary. 

1964 – Lot next to parsonage lot was purchased. Witness of the CRC was extended through a telephone service and ads in the daily newspaper. 

1965 – Junior Cadet Club was organized.

1968 – The old parsonage was sold for $16,000.

1973 – Lights were installed in the parking lot.

1975 – A sprinkling system was installed on church property.

1977 – The building fund indebtedness was paid from the special gifts fund. We had a special service for the burning of the mortgage. Our first newsletter was published. First Maundy Thursday service replaced Good Friday service. Grape juice replaced wine at Communion.

1982 - Centennial Celebration.

1994 - Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary remodel 

2000's - 

2007 - 125th Anniversary 

2014 - Last Sunday night service held

2016 - Original Bell Tower removed 

2017 - Parsonage Remodel 

2021 - Church Remodel 

2022 - Sold Parsonage on 618 Fall St.

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